colbert after machining services

We provide high quality cost effective solutions to customers requiring small size batch requirements. We can offer a range of after machining services including :

Laser Marking Centreless Grinding Nickel plating
Passivation Heat treatment Silver plating
Anodizing Moly coating
Material Treacability Automatic Barfeed for through the night machining

colbert machining capabilities. they carry tools to cater for any job required

We can hold 60+ tools to cater for any job required such as:

Turning Gear Hobbing Thread Milling
Milling Slots
Threading Keyways
Axial Thread Rolling Polygon Shapes

Our technical capabilities and equipment allow us to offer a wide product offering:-

Dowel Pins Nuts Plugs Thrust Washers Spindles
Assembly Pins Groove Pins Sleeves Door Knobs Bit Pins
Shafts Bolts Spacers Hinge Pins Push Rods
Release Pins Locking Nuts Thumb Screws Female Threaded Ports Shoulder Screws
Bushings End Plugs Bottom Washers Reducers  Hinge Boss
Standoff’s Collars Vee Stems Seat Holders  Collets
Washer Springs Glands Handles Poppets  Bearings
Rod Supports Inserts Port Locators Probe Guides  Guide Pins
Guide Spring Housings Support Pins Male Threaded Ports Slide Barrel