Miyano Fixed Head 51BNJ SY5 CNC


  • 12.7MM-51MM Capacity
  • Fixed head for heavy turning
  • Capable of producing large complex parts
  • Capable of holding 30 tools
  • Index-able Main turret holds 24 tools
  • Index-able Butterfly turret holds 6 tools
  • All stations on Main turret can take driven power tools
  • 5Axis
  • 2 spindles can machine independently
  • Can machine parts up to 150MM long
  • Capable of complex milling
  • Can machine moderately complex parts
  • Can tap up to M16 or G3/8” Threads
  • Self-feed Iemca boss 552-HD bar loader with 3.2m Bar length capacity for lights out machining
Miyano Fixed Head 51BNJ SY5 CNC